Joel Meyerowitz

teach me

Fluorite, Aquamarine and Muscovite - Nagar, Hunza Valley, Gilgit District, Norther Area, Pakistan

God stone.

To be patient.

Not in vain.

But in honor.

Of a bigger something

that hasn’t been named.

To feel it like the beds

of finger tips

rolling up your spine

as a mouth lands

on that perfect spot of your neck;

closest to your pulse beating up your throat.

Resting, caught in a perfect tide with the one it senses on the

other side

of the inside

of the skin against yours.


the way you feel the earth

when you lay in it, when

you’re able to grasp it between your hands in fistfuls

while it slips through them

wet grass




Soil me,

get into my eyes.

Let me submerge myself in you

until you fill

my mouth,




Until you ooze out of me as I finally lay down to rest from you.

The makings of a person are a beautiful thing to be covered in.



tryna make things mean more than w/e they are iz hell


who else is tired in the morning


love is wholly selflessly simple distraction
lust iz holy selfishly complex distraction

There are those days at the end of the summer when all hope is lost; this was one of them.

Living in this city means wandering with the ghosts of anyone you’ve ever seen anything with constantly by your side.

There is no way not to remember that time at Architokes on 1st when your best friend puked on the bouncer. The bouncer they had at a fucking pizza place at 2 am; because yes, he was actually necessary.

There’s no way you can walk up 7th Ave and not remember working at Foot Action for a summer and making enough money to take your first boyfriend to Friday’s across the street for 2 Two for Ones and 2 large Strawberry Daiquiris.

Best nights of my life.

It’s gotta be so good your knees give out from underneath you. Let it feel like a hammer has hit each cap covering the ligaments holding your joints in place. You have to come up with a better bunch of synonyms for the things you feel.

-note to self

The movie “The Saint” (1997) featuring Val Kilmer in Russia and Trip-Hop.